Scheveningen Beach at Strandweg 9, The Hague (between the Xiringuito beach pavilion and the Copacabana beach club)

Public Transport
Scheveningen can be reached easily and quickly by public transport.
From Hollands Spoor railway station you take tram 11 to Scheveningen, get off at the Strandweg stop. And from The Hague Central railway station you take tram 1 to Scheveningen, get off at the Keizerstraat stop.
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Festival Classique is very easy to reach on a bicycle. If you don’t have a bicycle yourself, you can rent a public transport bicycle at The Hague Central.
Bicycle parking: Park your bicycle at Biesieklette Keizerstraat.
Please note: bicycles that are placed on the boulevard or at/near the festival site will be removed.
Tip: take a bike ride with City to Coast. This route starts from The Hague Central Station and ends at Scheveningen beach. Along the way you will receive tips about various eateries, beautiful parks and other places of interest.

We recommend that you come to Festival Classique by public transport. Festival Classique is devoted to a sustainable society and therefore uses no environmentally harmful products in so far as possible. We request our visitors to do so as well.
If you should be unable to come by public transport or bicycle, there are sufficient parking spaces available in Scheveningen such as Vissershaven (5 min. walk), Kurhaus Garage (15 min. walk), BKS Parking – Nieuwe Parklaan (15 min. walk), BKS Parking – Strand (25 min. walk).